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I passed on the Republican debate Monday night for the Stanley Cup game. The Bruins put it away in the first period and, according to Dana Milbank’s play by play, so did Michelle Bachman.

I also missed the rapture of Newt’s staff while he was on a boat in the Greek Isles. Not making the cut, he carried on alone.

All Ears

101115bokloresMitch McConnell has signed on to Republican plans to end earmarks. The last time they were in power, the earmark habit got the GOP thrown out on their ears.

Anchors Away


I’ve heard that when your opponent is self-destructing, the best thing to do is get out of the way. Unless you’re a Republican, in which case, you’ll probably want to begin a movement to repeal the 14th amendment. The most likely outcome of that effort according to Linda Chavez is no Hispanic Republicans. She makes her case in a WSJ column. You may need a subscription, but I was able to access the whole thing here. Atlantic Wire has a brief summary here. And Chavez explains in this JWR column.

Steele Trap

100405bokloresSome republicans are unhappy with the soaring spending of RNC chairman Michael Steele. One notable expense was $2000 at a “bondage themed nightclub”, Voyeur West Hollywood. The outing was an attempt to wrap up 30-something republican donors known as Young Eagles. A private jet the high flying chairman had been angling for was rejected.

Health Summit

100224boklores1Harry Reid on Politico – ” Republicans should stop crying about reconciliation.” Harry Reid, (and Hillary, Schumer, Biden) on Breitbart from 2005 – Founders saw need for protection from tyranny of the majority.