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Nasa Needs a Ride Board

Having abandoned the Space Shuttle by the side of the galaxy, NASA relied on the kindness of Russians for transportation to the International Space Station.  Bad move.  While NASA minds contemplated the finer points of alien attack (not involving relatives of the president), a Russian Soyuz blew up, leaving the space station lost in space.

Mission: Moon, Mars, Muslims

100708bokloresThought this was a parody when I first saw it. NASA chief, Charles Bolden, says Obama’s  foremost charge to him is to help Muslim nations feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering. Here’s the whole interview on Al Jazeera. And here’s Charles Lane in the Washington Post with more links.

Variation on the theme  100708nasa2

Wrong Stuff


Neil Armstrong feels Obama has made a giant leap in the wrong direction by canceling the NASA Constellation program.  The president says he’s still spending astronomical sums on space and plans on a mars landing by the mid 2030s.  A convenient getaway before social security goes broke in 2041.