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The military in Egypt staged a brutal coup throwing President Morsi in jail, attacking the Muslim Brotherhood, and killing over a thousand. The Muslim Brothers responded by attacking Christians and burning churches. Probably because they can’t find any more Jews to attack.

Here’s Kirsten Powers in the Daily Beast on The Muslim Brotherhood’s persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Best Bet for Egypt

Krauthammer explains why he thinks the best bet is to root for the coup and hope the military allows new elections.

Egyptian Coup Cartoon



I thought this was kind of an interesting comment about Egypt by Melik Kaylan in Forbes – “…the army feels it has to behave legitimately because it wasn’t elected while Morsi felt he could behave imperviously because he was elected”.

Click the thumbnail to see Arab Spring Version 1.0:


Egypt Arab Spring

Political cartoon about Egypt Arab Spring shows man reading book about Egyptian voters getting back their freedom

Democracy in Egypt features checks and balances. The voters elected a Muslim Brotherhood majority parliament and a Brotherhood president. The military checked the new president by stripping his office of its powers. The judiciary balanced the parliament by dissolving it.



Clueless Clapper

National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, is at it again. Yesterday, when Egyptian President Mubarak decided to stay, before he decided leave, Clapper described the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-violent secular outfit. The administration issued a correction. When last seen, Clapper was being briefed by Diane Sawyer about a major terrorist arrest in London. Don’t ask him if the Pope’s Catholic.