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Obama cartoon by Chip Bok shows Obama heckling Congress over rejection of Dream Act

Updated June 20:

It was a campaign stunt wrapped in an insult. The Chief Executive heckled Congress’ rejection of the Dream Act by unilaterally imposing his own Dream Act. He used a press conference to make his pronouncement. Rich Lowry says Obama has “claimed powers that literally once belonged to kings”.

This was too much for Daily Caller’s Neil Munro who had the unprecedented bad taste to heckle the president with a rude question before he was finished.

Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson defends his reporter here and Dana Milbank rebukes his friend, Carlson, here.

Actually, this isn’t the first time a president was interrupted by a reporter. I was there in 1987 when Sam Donaldson did it as Ronald Reagan spoke to a bunch of cartoonists in the Rose Garden!