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Dennis Rodman Birthday Song

140109-rodman-kimDennis Rodman apologized for his drunken rant to CNN and sang happy birthday to Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Rodman is 52 and young Kim is thirty-something. Hope Kim doesn’t think of Rodman as a crazy uncle.

North Korean Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman wears a dress on his visit to North Korea and says "diplomacy is hard."The new Dear Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, wasn’t mollified by Dennis Rodman’s recent mission to his country. The young -un says the time has come to “settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists”. Settlement terms include hitting targets in Hawaii, Guam, and the US homeland.

The threats may be more to impress Lil’ Kim’s own low information constituents.

Cartoonish efforts by world leaders please me. I haven’t been so pleased since Bibi’s Iran nuclear graph.