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Lie of the Year Award

131220-lie-spy-of-yearPolitiFact honored the president with its Lie of the Year award for saying “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it”.

When Senator Ron Wyden asked National Intelligence Director James Clapper if NSA collected data on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans, Clapper answered, “No.”… “not wittingly”.

Now that we know NSA tracks everyone’s calls, including Angela Merkel’s, Andrea Mitchell asked Clapper why he lied. Clapper complained that Wyden had asked about secret operations in a public forum and that he answered him in the “least untruthful manner”.

Clapper Trap

130814-clapper-cartoon-On Tuesday the president announced that James Clapper would head a panel to review NSA spying on American citizens. Clapper is the Supreme Spy who lied before Congress about spying on American citizens. When caught in his lie he responded that he had answered “in the least untruthful way possible”.

The administration later responded to outrage that Clapper even has a job by clarifying that rather than head the review he would merely “facilitate” it.

Clapper is also the guy who told an earlier congressional committee that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization.

Clueless Clapper

National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, is at it again. Yesterday, when Egyptian President Mubarak decided to stay, before he decided leave, Clapper described the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-violent secular outfit. The administration issued a correction. When last seen, Clapper was being briefed by Diane Sawyer about a major terrorist arrest in London. Don’t ask him if the Pope’s Catholic.