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Has Tea Party Gone Overboard?

100916bokloresTea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell upset Republican establishment fave Mike Castle in the Delaware U.S. Senate primary. The Tea Party says it’s about more than winning elections.  Establishment GOP bigwig, Karl Rove, says that’s a good thing because they just blew their chance of taking the Senate in November.  Here’s Karen Tumulty’s story in the Washington Post.

Here’s Rich Lowry calling the Tea Party as much a revolt against the GOP establishment, that blew it last time they had power, as it is against Dem policy.

And here’s Krauthammer channeling William F. Buckley on behalf of the establishment.



The quirky Republican governor of South Carolina, and former presidential prospect, Mark Sanford, is hanging on to his job.  Meanwhile the charismatic Republican governor of Alaska, who did not have an affair in Argentina, as far as we know,  quit hers.

I moved a previous rough sketch up to the varsity for this one.

More Lipstick Than Pit Bull?


Seventh Inning Stretch Mark

Nothing like taking your kid to a ball game.  Especially  if she gets knocked up by A Rod in the 7th inning.  That joke was an amusing crack about A Rod from Letterman’s fertile imagination but it came at the expense of Sarah Palin’s daughter.

After being batted around like a pinata, Palin finally had Letterman in the crosshairs.  She should have slapped him with her hunting glove, accused him of insulting her daughter, and challenged him to a duel.  Instead she went all identity politics on him.

One thing about  Palin that always appealed to me (besides the makeup) is that she used to be against that kind of stuff.

Silk Purse From an Earmark


The day after criticizing Bush’s signing statements the president issued a signing statement of his own complaining about the earmarks he said he would never approve in the bill he was signing.  Got that?  Victor Davis Hanson does in this column.