Plenty of FBI Abuse to go Around In IG Report

FBI abuse, Trump campaign
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Eli Lake at Bloomberg thinks the FBI is lucky, in a weird sort of way. That’s because the IG report shows the FBI abuse wasn’t just aimed at the Trump Campaign. The IG also found 39 other defective FISA applications.

In the twisted politics of the Trump Era, some of bureau’s defenders might actually view this report as good news: It shows that the investigation of the Trump campaign was not necessarily politically motivated. The bureau made the same kinds of mistakes with suspects who were not connected to the Trump campaign.


2 Responses to Plenty of FBI Abuse to go Around In IG Report

  1. Jim Reynolds says:

    Dear Chip: Your stuff is usually very good. But, surprisingly, you are very wrong about the FBI. The FBI leadership clearly did single out the Trump campaign and Trump – for political reasons. Unprecedented. And they will get away with it because the Swamp cannot investigate itself and will not indict (D.C. and NYC grand juries) itself.

    • Bok says:

      Didn’t mean to let the FBI off the hook. The FBI definitely abused the Trump Campaign. Others too. Op-ed by Sen Ron Johnson in today’s WSJ says FBI knowingly submitted Russian disinformation from Steele dossier in application for a FISA warrant to investigate Trump campaign.

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