Head Smash Remorse From Myles Garrett

An editorial cartoon depicting a conversation between two american football players, with one suggesting that suspended nfl players should show remorse.
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Sunday was a bad day for Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. He threw four interceptions and his team lost to the Cleveland Browns 21 to 7. But things could get worse. And they did. Browns defensive end Myles Garrett bludgeoned Rudolph in the head medieval mace style with his own helmet.


So the No Fun League suspended Garrett indefinitely. But he’s appealing the suspension on Wednesday. And Commissioner Roger Goodell says the key for Myles is remorse.

“We’ll make a judgment on does he have remorse, does he understand why it’s not acceptable, do we understand what he’s going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Those are the things that are going to be very important for us…If they get it and they understand that they make a mistake, and say, ‘I’m committed to changing,’ you’re usually on a good path.”

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