Fantastic Job in Puerto Rico

Fantastic Job in Puerto Rico

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President Trump’s policy is “if you hit me I hit you harder.” So he spent last week hitting the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico over the death toll due to Hurricane Maria.

He claims “We Did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico.”

Death Toll

A GeorgeWashington University study commissioned by the Puerto Rican government says the hurricane killed 2,975 people. But FEMA administrator Brock Long says many of those deaths occurred “six months after the fact.” The initial number of deaths confirmed by coroners is 64. Trump’s preferred number is 18. That was the official count when he visited two weeks after the storm.

Meanwhile Obama has entered the mid term fray and he’s taking credit for the current economic boom.

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  1. scruffyleon says:

    Since Trump is only reversing Obama’s “pen and phone” EOs, it clearly shows what an idiot Obama is and anyone who believes Obama is a fool.
    Obama didn’t build that!

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