Urban Meyer Trick Play

Urban Myer Trick Play

Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith stands accused of roughing up his former wife. So Urban Meyer fired him. But that might not be enough. The school suspended Coach Meyer while it investigates whether he took action in a timely fashion.

Urban Meyer Trick Play

If he didn’t it could cost him his job and $38 million. It wouldn’t be the first time. His predecessor Jim Tressel was fired because some of his players traded trinkets for for tattoos. In a less enlightened time the Dutch got Manhattan for the same stunt.

4 Responses to Urban Meyer Trick Play

  1. Tim Sharp says:

    Dude. THE OSU receivers coach was fired for violating a restraining order, not for “roughing up” his former wife. You play very lose with the facts. Where did you come up with all this fake news? And you can’t spell. It is Meyer not Myer (sic). I would expect better from a UD grad.

  2. Tim Sharp says:

    He was not charged with “roughing up” his wife in 2009. He was taken into custody but NOT charged.

    • Bok says:

      Didn’t say he was charged. Said he was accused. May not matter. Both his mother and his ex-wife’s mother say she was out to get him and Meyer.

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