FISA Court Uncovered

FISA court uncovered

In a Saturday document dump the FBI released 400 pages of its FISA court application seeking permission to spy on Carter Page. And it turns out the application was based on the Steele dossier.

FISA Court Uncovered

That’s the “salacious and unverified” dossier Comey testified about to Congress. It’s purpose was to dig dirt on Trump. It was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.



2 Responses to FISA Court Uncovered

  1. scruffyleon says:

    Either the FISA Judges are a crooked as the FBI/Doj or they are “rubber stamping” everything set in front of them.
    Either way, the FISA Courts must be removed along with the Departments of FBI and DoJ.
    Enough of this spying on any American citizen.
    The “buck” stops at Obama.

  2. […] to dig dirt on Trump. And it was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.     The post FISA Court Uncovered appeared first on Posted in Cartoons, Humor, OKGrassroots Tagged 2016 […]

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