G7 American Allies Battle

g7 American allies

There was discord during the buildup to the G7 meetings of rich nations in Quebec. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was insulted because he thinks Trump considers Canada to be a security threat.

But President Trump did say he had to hit American allies with high tariffs for national security reasons.

G7 American Allies

Then on Thursday, which happened to be the D-Day anniversary, French President Macron took a shot at Trump saying, “No leader is forever.” He also said, “the six G7 countries without the U.S. are bigger than the American market.”

The next day Trump waded into the meetings insisting that Russia be included.



One Response to G7 American Allies Battle

  1. scruffyleon says:

    The G-7 has already shown they are unfair in their trades – look at them keeping Russia out.
    In a trade war with the US, the other 6 countries are unarmed.
    The G-6 members all have tariffs against the US but the US can’t have tariffs against them in return? How immature…and unfair.

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