Stormy Daniels Campaign Finance Scandal

campaign finance scandalEleven days before the 2016 election Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000. In exchange she signed a non-disclosure agreement. That was to keep her quiet about her alleged one night love affair with The Donald in 2006.

Campaign Finance Scandal

But Stormy didn’t stay bought and now it appears Cohen might have a problem of his own. Common Cause thinks the hush money amounts to an illegal in-kind campaign contribution.

So far, he FEC isn’t showing much interest. They say they lack resources and an investigation would take well over a year.

Journalists are showing even less interest. Paul Mulshine explains why it’s not a story in the Star- Ledger. And The Daily Mail reports Daniels tried to peddle her story for $200,000 but got no takers.


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  1. scruffyleon says:

    One night love affair?
    Probably more like fifteen minutes for a bj.
    So what? Who cares?
    Let’s hear more about the cigars in the Oval Office, semen stains on the little blue dress, rape and non-consensual sex spanning 30 years with Bill Clinton.

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