Axis of Evil ICBM Launch


North Korea launched an ICBM that flew 2,400 miles high. Experts say that with a flatter trajectory the Hwasong-14 missile could reach the continental United States. However, it may not survive re-entry. If that makes you feel better.

Another ICBM Launch

Meanwhile, Iran launched a satellite carrying a rocket into space. The Pentagon thinks Iran could use the same technology to launch and ICBM carrying a nuke. So, in retaliation, the U.S. launched more sanctions on Iran.

That’s two out of three for the old Axis of Evil.

3 Responses to Axis of Evil ICBM Launch

  1. Peter Jay says:

    2500 miles high? That is 10 times higher than the international space station!

    • Bok says:

      Well, 2300 miles. Anyway I thought it seemed awfully high too but I got it from “the most trusted name in news”. Check the link on the post.

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