Hillary 7 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 0

vast right wing conspiracy

Here’s a Hillary Clinton scandal primer courtesy of The Atlantic.

Speaking of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I haven’t used this punchline in a while.

This is Attorney General Edwin Meese in 1988.

Here’s Todd Purdum in Politico:

Twenty years after the New York Times columnist William Safire first called Clinton “a congenital liar” in print, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus could still rouse his convention delegates in Cleveland with an unyielding refrain about the emails. “She lied,” Priebus cried. “And she lied over and over and over. She lied! She lied!”

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One Response to Hillary 7 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 0

  1. βιβλία says:

    What’s the name of the “Marine lieutenant” mentioned by Judge Napolitano in…

    The Department of Political Justice

    Napolitano says that the Marine was prosecuted by the DOJ because he “sent his military superiors a single email about the presence of al-Qaida operatives dressed as local police in a U.S. encampment in Afghanistan — but who inadvertently used his Gmail account rather than his secure government account.”

    Think about that for a moment. A USMC officer acting, I suspect, in good faith was slightly reckless on just one occasion, so the DOJ prosecutes him for risking exposure of a relatively trivial state secret. Madame Hillary, on the other hand, acted in bad faith on countless occasions over a long period of time while exposing many significant state secrets. But the DOJ refuses to prosecute.

    Maybe some alert Marines will petition Obama (1) to issue an apology to the Marine for the ugly double standard applied by the DOJ, and (2) to issue a pardon, assuming for a moment that the Marine was convicted or pleaded guilty.

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