Hillary’s Secret Server

150311hillary-secret - server

Hillary surfaced yesterday with a press conference to explain her super secret email server. She said she has it for the convenience of not having to lug around multiple devices for personal and government email. Suspicious minds like Jonathan Karl might also think it’s for the convenience of not having her emails subpoenaed from the State Department server.

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2 Responses to Hillary’s Secret Server

  1. terry says:

    For as intelligent a woman as she is, when it comes to these type issues and given her and Bill’s controversial past, she should know better. Or, she is purposely deceitful.
    She has no common sense.
    It takes common sense to lead. It is also a trait inherent in a trusted leader.

    • Claude Lee says:

      Very well said Terry. I can assume that you are not a member of her “vast majority” group of “mindless fools…” , nor am I.
      Thanks for airing your thoughts.
      Mr. Lee

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