James Foley

140822 james foleyThe New York Times reported that ISIS wanted $130,000,000 ransom for James Foley. European countries have paid ransom in the past. It’s a major source of income for ISIS. The US policy is not to pay ransom for hostages, on the theory it encourages more hostage taking.

The same theory doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to swapping terrorists for American hostages. We gave up five of GITMO’s worst bad asses to bring home alleged deserter Private Bergdahl.

Bergdahl’s parents were flown in from Idaho to celebrate the joyous occasion with President Obama in the White House Rose Garden.

James Foley

James Foley met his grim fate with courage. His parents showed the source of that fortitude in their meeting with the media to discuss their son on the day of his death.

Obama played golf.

4 Responses to James Foley

  1. Big T says:

    I was expecting a frame with the ‘iconic’ pic of Foley and his executioner in a sand trap with Obama sauntering through with a set of clubs saying “Can I play through?”

  2. Matt Cummings says:

    This drawing really moved me – the contrast is striking in the two events. You captured our President’s hypocrisy perfectly.

    I am disgusted with the man in the white house …

  3. David Hawthorne says:

    Your cartoon and commentary display an astonishing vapidness. While I’ve generally seen political caartooning as one of the more insightful takes on political nonesense, this hits an all time low.

    The two incidents are outcomes from entirely different circumstances. Clearly, without any evidence whatsoever, you’ve tried and convicted Bergdahl. (Have you ever served in the military? Our government has an obligation to make every effort to repatriate American miltary personnel captured by the enemy. Until we have evidence to the contrary, Bergdahl was an American solder captured by the enemy.

    American journalists in combat zones no fullwell the risks. (Have you been a journalist?) They are better served by a government that refuses to pay ransoms, then by governments like Spain, France, and others who effectively create a market for kidnapping. If the news organizations they work for, or private citizens want to attempt to buy the captive back, they should be freee to do so, but the US government should not be in the business of capitalizing its swarn enemies.

    I hope you will drop me from you email list,, I’ve lost all respect for you and your jaundiced views. Your zest for jumping on the anti-Obama bandwagon is not worthy of the respect I normally apply to political cartoonists who often provide a witty edge and novel insight to contemporary issues.

    Your post are now in my junk folder.


  4. lynda says:

    To David Hawthorne above: I am sure you were NOT disgusted with the evil “cartoons” that were drawn by Bush hating liberals such as former cartoonist Tony Auth of the Philadelphia “Inquirer”. So why don’t you just go blow Mr. Hawthorne!

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