Odd Duck at Gay Wedding

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Sometimes tolerance isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to bake a cake.

That’s what a Denver judge told the owner of a bakery who declined to make a cake for a gay wedding. The baker’s argument that same sex marriage violates his religious beliefs wasn’t good enough for the judge.

Odd Duck

A&E didn’t order Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to bake a cake when he professed similar religious beliefs. The network suspended him indefinitely.

Jonah Goldberg notes that Duck Dynasty is a redneck reality show. Why wouldn’t Phil Robertson (even though he has a masters degree) be expected to have redneck attitudes?

“Duck Dynasty” has been a huge ratings success, receiving fawning coverage from the elite media. Much of the coverage has also been incredibly condescending, like aristocrats in Victorian London having a grand time inviting a Zulu tribesman to dinner. Everyone says, “Look at the funny rednecks,” until Robertson says something that you would absolutely expect to hear from a guy who plays a redneck on TV.

Camille Paglia calls “this is level of punitive PC, utterly fascist, utterly Stalinist”.

Which brings me back to Jonah Goldberg and his excellent book “Liberal Fascism“.



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