Nation of Laws

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The constitution says the president must take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

David Mamet says our president is a tyrant. Our president says he’s a pragmatist. He also says we are a nation of laws and that he doesn’t have the power to issue executive orders ending deportations.

Except that he did issue an executive order limiting deportations after the Senate voted down the Dream Act. And he just overturned parts of his own health care law by unilaterally issuing waivers to cronies, suspending the employer mandate, and telling insurance companies to stop canceling policies that ObamaCare requires them to cancel.

Other than that he’s a helpless pragmatic bunny.

Nation of Laws

Kevin D. Williamson, in National Review, agrees that Obama is a pragmatist – a lawless pragmatist. He says Obama believes in committees of experts rather than the constitution:

Harry Reid has just helped take the brakes off of President Obama’s lawless agenda, for the purpose of installing friendly judges who will look the other way when his agenda is put to the legal test.

President Obama and his admirers choose to call this “pragmatism,” but what it is is a mild expression of totalitarianism, under which the interests of the country are conflated with those of the president’s administration and his party.


Professor Johathan Turley says The One We’ve Been Waiting For “has become the very danger the constitution was designed to avoid”.


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