Those Damn Catholics


130601-gee-remediation-cartoon-Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee’s geeky jokes finally got him busted.

The multimillionaire president once cracked that he hoped the multimillionaire football coach, Jim Tressel, “won’t fire me”. His comment that Ohio State doesn’t play “the Little Sisters of the Poor” put him in hot water with – the Little Sisters of the Poor. But the one Gee Gaffe too far for the board of trustees was his jab at “those Damn Catholics” at Notre Dame. He said, “the fathers are holy on Sunday but holy hell the rest of the week” and “can’t be trusted on a Thursday or Friday”.

As one of those “Damn Catholics” who roots for the Irish I really can’t quibble with Gee’s remarks. Well, maybe the one about the Little Sisters of the Poor – after all, the Buckeyes do play the Akron Zips.

As penance for his sins Dr. Gee must now be remediated. Sounds painful, but it’s just the usual college commie cant about “civility, inclusion, and collective aspiration”. In other words he’s about to become as boring as every other politically correct academic who isn’t advocating bestiality.

Update: No remediation for Gee. He’s retiring.

2 Responses to Those Damn Catholics

  1. Terry says:

    As a Mormon, he probably does not embibe, so you can’t chalk it up to being drunk.
    Is he really that stupid? I am Catholic as well and maybe can see the comments being taken out of context. As the leader of a prominent institution of higher learning he shouldn’t revert to trite humor. The guy is just plain stupid for even attempting. The OSU board of directors will issue him his “get out of jail free” card because he raises mountains of money for “The” OSU. Certainly he should know better.
    He’s lucky Catholics don’t do fatwahs (sp?)

  2. 1goodbob says:

    The very cradle of learning and Free thought and speaking. The Political intimidation of the Gangster Regime in DC.

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