Andy Griffith

Chip Bok cartoon tribute to Andy Griffith gives a one bullet salute to Andy

RIP, Andy Griffith.

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  1. David says:

    Chip, thank you for such a wonderful and thoughtful cartoon this morning in reference to Andy Griffith being met by a “one gun” salute from Barney. We lost a wonderful, caring and moral person this week. He taught us about family and friendship. Being one of his greatest fans and a father myself, he taught us in his actions with Opie, how a dad should conduct himself in both the good and bad moments. As a friend, he showed us how you take care of those who we consider a friend and never to embrasses them, but to be there to support them.

  2. Leann says:

    Hi, Chip.

    I just discovered your cartoons this morning. My late husband who died in June 2011 and I watched every Andy Griffith episode at least twice. In my estimation, it exemplified in every way, how we as human beings should conduct our lives. Thanks for sharing such a clever and poignant cartoon.

    Thank you, too for your Sandy Hook Santa cartoon. While there were many clever and moving cartoons, nobody captured that awful event more than you did.

    Leann S.

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