The Facebook IPO is a train wreck so far. There were problems at NASDAQ with the launch but Gordon Crovitz in the WSJ says people just don’t click Facebook ads enough. Then there’s this:

Why did Facebook go public?

They couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either.

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  1. Stein says:

    hi chip: it has been a long time since i have the time to drop you a note, the older we get the busier one seems to become, or maybe it is just way is …. just to keep afloat! ….takes twice the effort it did 15 years ago! well welcome to the wonderful world of the 2000’s. ….do you think we fucked up the world, or was it the inevitable outcome of the greed, corruption and political mismanagement that comes through ever generation or so? just sorta of interested in your take on things…. well back to the grind ….there are 100’s of people waiting to see a
    ‘pro” to get cured of whatever they think is killing them….so tired of this rat race….well anyway how have you been?, my son is still waiting for the opportunity to lock horns with you on the ice. he currently is playing indoor soccer down akron way and is involved in the police boxing ass. here in c-town. let me know if you’re still on the ice and what leagues etc etc…… i love your cartoons…still get them and i save everyone in a separate file…again sorry is takes me awhile to pen this notes…just not a good writer….p.s.: glad you followed your dream (remember the advise), your friend stein

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