Your Fair Share of Peas

Boehner walked away from Obama at the negotiating table over the weekend. This so enraged the leader of the executive branch that he ordered members of the co-equal legislative branch to appear in the White House by 11 sharp Saturday morning. The petulant behavior of the “adult” in the room didn’t sit well with many commentators. ┬áHere’s George Will.

On Monday he told La Raza the idea of bypassing Congress and doing it on his own is very tempting.

2 Responses to Your Fair Share of Peas

  1. Steve Lord says:

    Gosh, it must be nice to have the GOP give you your talking points.

    By the way, hire someone to double check your spelling. “Let’s” means “let us.” “Lets” means “allows.” You keep writing “Let’s” when you mean “Lets.” Just a minor quibble.

    Then again, you right wongers aren’t all that big on education.

  2. Greg says:

    I didn’t understand the reference to peas. (But then, I don’t watch television. There’s a lot to be said for being culturally deprived.)

    As a college-edjumicated, laid-off aerospace engineer, I’ll take humbrage with Steve Lord’s rant about education. In the United States today, we’re spending more per student on education than any time in our history and more than anyone else in the world; yet the quality of our education continues to decline. Where the heck is all that money going?

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