Page Turner

100901bokloresIn his Iraq speech, the president blamed the war for our bad economy.

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  1. dslovejoy says:

    Out of the 709 Billion, how much stayed in the US? How much of the current economy before Obama can be attributed to 2 wars? Out of the 862 billion, how much stayed in the US?
    Who was trying to stabilize the economy, and who was not?
    Big money amounts for both, but some perspective would help.
    Don’t depend on sound bites to make a point.

  2. Bok says:

    Bush tried to stabilize the economy with Tarp and bailouts but nowhere near the scale of Obama stimulus and bailouts. And still nothing. Just read a gloomy Dana Milbank recount of Christina Romer’s goodbye speech.

  3. dslovejoy says:

    If the bailouts and stimulus stopped, what would happen to the economy?
    If we put the unemployment benefits back to 12 or 20 weeks instead of the over 100 we have now, what would happen to the economy?
    I don’t like the money being spent either, but have you really considered the alternative?

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