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The Sotomayor cartoon has gone semi-viral. I posted a bunch of links under “The Sotomayor Situation So Far”.

2 Responses to Sotomayor Links

  1. pm says:

    Hi Chip,

    I am a Puerto Rican American citizen living in the mainland United States and I just have to congratulate you for a fantastically clever cartoon! I still giggle endlessly from seeing it. Please keep up the great work, continue to challenge us to take a look at the big picture and think at all issues critically!

    Let me tell you that I was taken aback initially from the presence of the pinata and the sombrero, because correctly so, they are not Puerto Rican. Even if you did not know that, I think your [un]intentional blunder has a multiplier on the efficacy of the cartoon. I personally think it’s irrelevant whether the sombrero is Mexican or not, because SS is the ‘wise Latina’ not the ‘wise Puerto Rican’ or ‘wise Boricua’ so please disregard my fellow latinos for their slight tempest in a teacup. Their hissyfit undermines the beatifully effective way you demonstrate the GOP quandary:

    -How do Republicans mount an effective attack against PRESIDENT OBAMA in the case of the Sonia Sotomayor nomination? Their base wants them to do it, but at what cost? Hence the frightened hesitation with the cameras watching. (Un)?fortunately? the GOP is in quite a predicament here. Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod definitely know of torture techniques that are not waterboarding.

  2. peter1520 says:

    PM, Well said! The cartoon was way more complex and accurate than offensive.

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