Separation of Powers

separation of powers

In January 2014 President Obama decided to go it alone. He said he had a pen and a phone and if Congress wouldn’t act he would.

Congress refused to act to allocate funds to reimburse insurance companies for Obamacare costs. The president used his pen to sign an executive order to disburse the money anyway. The House of Representatives sued.

Separation of Powers

In House v. Burwell, Congress argued that the executive branch violated the Constitution’s separation of powers. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer agreed. The case will be appealed.

Meanwhile the president is allocating school bathrooms.


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One Response to Separation of Powers

  1. Paul says:

    Obama should be sent to prison for that, and we should ask if the occasion in Jan 2014 was not, in fact, the only time he directed subordinates to disburse money without authority to do so.

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