Rick Perry is not a Ham Sandwich


If you can indict a ham sandwich I guess you can indict Rick Perry.

The indictment by a special prosecutor criminalizes the intent of a political act. The act in question is the Texas governor’s use of his veto power as a threat against a political opponent.

That’s what governors do. They veto stuff. And it’s usually stuff their political enemies want. In this case that would be Rosemary Lehmberg’s job. She runs the Public Integrity Unit and Perry wants her to step down since she was convicted of drunk driving. As a prod he vetoed her $7.5 million budget.

The indictment is being mocked by some people who are unlikely to vote for Perry if he runs for president. Alan Dershowitz , Johnathan Chait, and the New York Times editorial page, all make that list.

Perry on Rye

One holdout, Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker, says prosecutors have broad discretion and Perry may just be out of luck. Mustard or mayo?

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2 Responses to Rick Perry is not a Ham Sandwich

  1. john harris says:

    Your stuff on Perry is disgraceful. The DA is a drunken fool and should resign from office. Where are your political hatchet jobs and cartoons on Rosemary Lehmberg. Where are your cartoons of her disgraceful conduct when she was arrested. Perry wanted her to resign because of her conduct not her political views.

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