New York Mayor Bloomberg says there’s no room for New York firemen or clergy at the tomorrow’s ground zero memorial. Mark Steyn finds that odd since there was plenty of  room for them on 9/11/2001.  He thinks we’ve lost focus on the actual events.

“What of the 23rd Psalm? It was recited by Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer and the telephone operator Lisa Jefferson in the final moments of his life before he cried “Let’s roll!” and rushed the hijackers.”

“9/11 was both Pearl Harbor and the Doolittle Raid rolled into one, and the fourth flight was the only good news of the day, when citizen volunteers formed themselves into an ad hoc militia and denied Osama bin Laden what might have been his most spectacular victory. A few brave individuals figured out what was going on and pushed back within half-an-hour.”

This was my 9/12/2001 cartoon.

The September 12 front page editorial, “We are all Americans”, in Le Monde exemplified the unity of Americans and our allies in those days, though it was short lived. (Click the image for New York Magazine’s excellent “Let’s Roll” – 9/11Encyclopedia)

The WSJ thinks the war against Islamic Terror is successful, so far, and that we’re more united than we think.  The paper credits President Obama for putting his stamp on most of the Bush war policies, in much the same way Eisenhower successfully embraced Truman’s cold war policies.

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