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Ron Paul

Paul Ryan gave a great speech full of ideas last night. I’m still combing through it for cartoon ideas. The convention began with a fight over the seating of the other Paul’s delegates from Maine. Ron Paul still has not said if he will vote for Romney.

Other than the Paul delegates, the liveliest people at the convention so far have been deranged, race obsessed, commentators. Chris Mathews insists that talk about food stamps and welfare is a Republican “dog whistle” for playing the race card. Most people on welfare and food stamps are white, so Gingrich blew the whistle on Matthews for assuming they were black.

Yahoo’s Washington bureau chief, David Chalian, topped that by saying the Romney’s are “happy to have a party with black people drowning”. He was fired.


Big Wind

Todd Aiken is the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat from Missouri who said that in cases of “legitimate rape” women have special powers to avoid pregnancy. Needless to say, Dems like Barbara Boxer pounced on Aiken’s nutty idea to whip up the winds of “the war on women”.

Democrats and pundits also tried to pin Aiken’s rape notions on Republicans like Paul Ryan who oppose abortion because they consider it killing a human life.

The bigger problem problem for Republicans is the Missouri senate seat. The incumbent Democrat, Claire McCaskill, was considered a weak candidate – until Aiken defined himself. One additional Republican seat in the senate would have been enough to block passage of Obama Care, which Republicans hope to overturn.

Steele Trap

100405bokloresSome republicans are unhappy with the soaring spending of RNC chairman Michael Steele. One notable expense was $2000 at a “bondage themed nightclub”, Voyeur West Hollywood. The outing was an attempt to wrap up 30-something republican donors known as Young Eagles. A private jet the high flying chairman had been angling for was rejected.