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Sportsman of the Year

Sports Illustrated has named LeBron James its sportsman of the year. He did win an NBA Title and Most Valuable Player award to go along with his Olympic Gold Medal. I think he’s the best player I ever saw. But I never felt that the way he quit on his team in the 2010 playoffs, and then colluded with Dwayne Wade to take his talents to South Beach, was very sporting.

(Full disclosure: disgtruntled ticket holder.)

Heat of the Moment

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade had a little fun at Dallas Maverick star Dirk Nowitzki’s expense after he played game 4 with fever and sinus infection.

What’s My Line?


Fishy in Miami

100709boklores1Guys propose marriage on the Jumbotron all the time at sporting events so why shouldn’t LeBron let down the home town fans on national tv – for a second time, if we’re counting playoff performances? The thing is, LeBron loves the spotlight so much it’s possible he was using his ESPN infomercial to make a confession.

By dumping on his Cleveland teammates again, this time to run off with Dwade and Heronimous Bosh, could he be guilty of collusion?

According to the same ESPN (this time wearing its reporters hat), NBA commisioner David Stern has said, “he’s been assured at the “highest level” that there will be no sitdown among LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the other superstars”. Well, that’s good to know. Otherwise it might seem suspicious that the threesome signed with the same team for less – 30 million less in James case – than they could have earned elsewhere.

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