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FBI Gets no Bite at Apple on Terrorist’s Phone

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The FBI got no bite from Apple when it fished for help to break into a terrorist’s iPhone. The company turned over cloud information but couldn’t, or wouldn’t crack the phone.

And AG Barr is pissed:

“Thanks to the great work of the FBI — and no thanks to Apple — we were able to unlock Alshamrani’s phones,” Barr said in a press release.



iPhone 5 Fingerprints


 Apple introduced two versions of the new iPhone 5 this week.

 iPhone 5 Special Print Function

The upscale version features fingerprint recognition technology. You don’t need a password, just your fingerprint. The upside is you’re unlikely to forget your fingerprint. (You might be unlikely to forget. I’m not. I have ten fingerprints and it’s not easy to keep them straight. I hope I can still use one of them to type in the name of my first pet to get an email link where I can enter a new digit.)

The downside is, it’s kind of creepy.

An NSA secret slide presentation about how it accesses data from mobile devises was leaked to Der Spiegel. You can see it here. The first slide has a picture of the famous Apple 1984 Superbowl ad. The copy says:

Who knew in 1984 that this (Steve Jobs) would be big brother and the zombies would be paying customers?


But Bloomberg says not to worry. With the new iPhone you won’t be leaving your fingerprints all over The Cloud. That information is stored within the device and not accessible to nosy parkers.


iPhone Navigation



Google announced a replacement map app for the  misguided iPhone map app.

Steve Jobs


The quote in the cartoon is from his commencement speech at Stanford in 2005.

Call Forward Your Life

Isn’t it cool that you can track your lost I-phone.  Um, how does that happen?

It turns out your I-Phone has a stalker app.  It watches your every move and records the information in a database.

Then it watches you late at night.