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Data Mine


130610-google-data-mine-cartoon-Ever get creeped out when you’re researching patio chair slings and the next time you log on to your favorite site there is an ad for patio chair slings? We’re used to having our minds mined by the likes of Google and Facebook. So I guess we shouldn’t mind when the government does it to keep an eye on terrorists. The NSA would never abuse its power like the IRS or the DOJ, right? Trust us.

Leader of the Bandwidth

100816bokloresGoogle and Verizon have proposed a deal that would require cable and other wired internet operators to provide equal broadband access to all customers. Wireless on, on the other hand, would be free of regulation. Here’s a WSJ editorial (You may have to be a subscriber. When I accessed this through a Google search I got the whole editorial – at no additional charge) that says it might be the beginning of a good idea. And here’s a Seattle Times column in favor of net neutrality for for everyone.



Here is a NYT story about Google’s move from mainland China to Hong Kong due to Chinese censorship and alleged hacking.