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Egypt Arab Spring

Political cartoon about Egypt Arab Spring shows man reading book about Egyptian voters getting back their freedom

Democracy in Egypt features checks and balances. The voters elected a Muslim Brotherhood majority parliament and a Brotherhood president. The military checked the new president by stripping his office of its powers. The  judiciary balanced the parliament by dissolving it.



Run For It

Rather than Winning the Future, Obama refuses to Lose the Past. ¬†At least that’s the way Rich Lowry sees it.

In a noisome bit of body-snatching, the Madison protesters associate themselves with the demonstrators in Egypt. If we must use Egypt analogies, this has it backward. Tapping into new technologies empowering individuals, the anti-Mubarak protesters overthrew a sclerotic political system that no longer fit the times. In their aims, the anti-Walker throngs are more like Egypt’s counterdemonstrators who rode in on camels to try to save a decrepit, 30-year-old political dispensation.