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First Amendment vs. First Amendment


Pelosi wants an investigation of first amendment stomping Ground Zero Mosque protesters. Nat Hentoff is investigating the man behind the mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Hentoff, a powerful defender of the first amendment, doesn’t care for the location of Cordoba House either. Here’s his column.

The New Republic’s Todd Gitlin thinks the mosque is swell. Both writers take a look at the Imam’s book, What’s Right with Islam is What’s Right with America, and his claim that Islamic law fits the U.S. Constitution. Here’s Gitlin’s column.

Zero Sum

100803boklores1NYC’s Landmarks Preservation Commission cleared the way for a new mosque and community center, Cordoba House, to be built two blocks from ground zero. Mayor Bloomberg says this is a fine example of American religious tolerance. 9/11 Mayor Rudy calls it a “desecration”. Even if it’s built with the best of intentions, Dan Senor says in the WSJ, it will be seen by Muslim extremists as victory monument. Atlantic Wire has the pros and cons here.