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Al Jazeera

230219american_Spectator_gore_finalClick the Trojan Horse to find out how Arab oil sheiks bought instant access to the American mainstream – thanks to Al Gore. Andrew Wilson has the story in American Spectator.

Al Gore Jazeera

130108al_gore_jazeera_climateAl Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera last week. Al Jazeera is funded by Qatar, an oil kingdom flush with black gold.

Global Warming believers are fond of accusing deniers of being funded by the oil industry. So when the believers’ true prophet, Al Gore, took a $100 million profit on the sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera it made for an easy cartoon lay-up.


Got the idea for this one from a Washington Post column by Bill McKibben, a climate activist, denying that recent natural disasters are “isolated, unpredictable, discreet events”.

Threatened Species