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Sportsman of the Year

Sports Illustrated has named LeBron James its sportsman of the year. He did win an NBA Title and Most Valuable Player award to go along with his Olympic Gold Medal. I think he’s the best player I ever saw. But I never felt that the way he quit on his team in the 2010 playoffs, and then colluded with Dwayne Wade to take his talents to South Beach, was very sporting.

(Full disclosure: disgtruntled ticket holder.)

Big Ten Numbers

The Big Ten hasn’t been that for a while. The ten became 12 when Penn State and Nebraska came on board. But at least they were still Big. Now the 10 are 14 with the addition of Rutgers and Maryland – not so big.

The number that really counts is the Big Three – Chicago, Washington DC, and New York city TV markets.

One and Out at Kentucky

The NBA didn’t accept the University of Kentucky basketball team as a franchise. But it did the next best thing. It accepted its players. All the starters.


NBA Class Warfare

The NBA millionaires want the billionaires to pay their fair share – to them. That would be 52.5% of revenues, which is actually less than the 57% they get now. The owners are holding out for a 50-50 split. Meanwhile the ushers, beer, and nacho sellers are stuck with 100% of nothing.

Heat of the Moment

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade had a little fun at Dallas Maverick star Dirk Nowitzki’s expense after he played game 4 with fever and sinus infection.