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Driverless Cars Eliminate Human Error

driverless cars

A woman walking her bicycle was hit and killed by a driverless Uber. So Uber and Toyota stopped testing driverless cars. But GM still says it will have a sans driver fleet on the road in 2019.

Human Error

Meanwhile The Atlantic estimates driverless cars could save 300,000 lives per decade. Most vehicle accidents involve human error so why not eliminate the the human? Well, that’s one thing autopilot has done so far – eliminate humans.

Come Fly With Musk



We depend on Russia to launch our astronauts into space at $70 million a pop.

Here’s The Wire in The Atlantic back in 2014:

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden voiced his concern, saying it would be better if the U.S. could launch its own astronauts to space. Because, who knows, it might turn out the Russians are trying to rig our elections.

Just kidding. He actually said, “we might enter into a Cold War-style territorial dispute with Russian President Vladimir Putin and want to be able to credibly pose a financial threat.”

Come Fly With Musk

But maybe America is getting its space mojo back thanks entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and his SpaceX program. Here’s BBC video of the launch of his Falcon Heavy Rocket earlier this month. And the release of its payload – a red Tesla Roadster headed for Mars piloted by a mannequin named Starman.

You can track Starman here.