Rudy Steals Adam Schiff’s Material

Rudy steals adam schiff's material
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There’s no evidence so far that Biden stole the election, but there’s plenty that Rudy steals Adam Schiff’s material.

Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani claimed Donald Trump won re-election in a massive landslide. But Hugo Chavez reached from the grave to snatch the victory away. At least that’s their story and it involves rigged voting machines from Canada. They offered no evidence.

But is that tale any taller than Adam Schiff’s insistence that evidence “in plain sight” proves President Trump is Putin’s secret agent?

Victor David Hanson finds it comical that the same crowd who pushed the Steele dossier is now complaining:

For the architects, abettors, and enablers of those past efforts now to accuse Trump officials of adhering to what they created on a massive scale is comic.

Victor Davis Hanson

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  1. Peter Jaysays:

    Nice teeth on Joe!!!

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