Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh

angry judge brett kavanaugh

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Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh took offense at being called a drunk and a serial rapist. And he let the Senate Judiciary Committee know it. Very forcefully.

Lindsey Graham was inspired to point out that serial rapists rarely give up their craft to become judges on the nation’s second highest court.

And so it seemed Kavanaugh had won the day. By an 11 -10 party line vote the Judiciary Committee sent his nomination to the full Senate Floor. But in a twist Republican Sen. Jeff Flake asked for and got a 10 day FBI investigation.


3 Responses to Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh

  1. scruffyleon says:

    It won’t stop at a 10 day pause.
    The Democrats are hoping for time to arouse their base voters in order to “Blue Wave” November.
    All Trump supporters must vote anti-Democrat in November to stop this madness.

  2. Allan says:

    This may be the funniest of your drawings since “Hands up. Don’t abort!”.

    “Ranking Member Driver”! ?

    Not so funny is the fact that Senator Flakey Arizonan hasn’t been as effective when calling for an unbiased investigation of D leader Keith Ellison for a credible accusation of sexual assault made against him, a leader of the party demanding that one of its enemies be investigated. Why isn’t Sen. Flakey motivated to prompt investigation of suspicious campaign finance activities of Hypocritical Hillary? Or of the whole D apparatus for seditious activity, communist racketeering, and so on? And when was the FBI’s authority extended to investigation of claims about sex crimes made by leftist agitators with axes to grind?

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