Corey Booker Sparticus



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Corey Booker had an I’m Spartacus moment Thursday.  He and fellow Senate Democrats threatened to release “committee confidential” documents related to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s time in the Bush White House.

“Spartacus” said that he was willing to sacrifice everything, including his Senate seat, in an act of civil disobedience.  And true to his word, he released the documents.

But the fearless gesture fizzled.  It turned out the documents had already been authorized for release the night before, sans sacrifice.

3 Responses to Corey Booker Sparticus

  1. scruffyleon says:

    I think he ought to now give up his seat (to a Republican). That would be a true Spartacus gesture.

  2. Wiley Hamby says:

    He’s more like “Farticus”…bad smelling hot air and no substance; elected solely on the basis of his race and not his ability.

  3. Allan says:

    May Cory Booker be known as Senator Spartacus, the Thrakian mercenary who became a Roman soldier, was imprisoned for desertion, and sold to become a gladiator.

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