Koch Brothers Abandon Trump

Koch Brothers Abandon Trump

The Koch brothers have jumped ship. They’ve given millions to Republicans in the past but they say they’re more interested ideas than party.

Daniel Henninger in the WSJ reports, “In an interview, Charles Koch said trade wars and prosperity were incompatible and that his organization’s financial support wouldn’t depend on party affiliation.”

Donald Trump called Koch “a total joke in real Republican circles.”

Koch Brothers Abandon Trump

Henninger askes, “what Republican circles?”

Rather than a one-off event or joke, the Kochs look more like a phenomenon emerging on the right and left, including MoveOn, Daily Kos, Breitbart, Black Lives Matter, Club for Growth and Netroots Nation.

Some voters will tie themselves to the Trump mast and ride it out. But Charles and David Koch aren’t a joke. That feud was a warning shot.

4 Responses to Koch Brothers Abandon Trump

  1. scruffyleon says:

    The Koch Bros are in it for themselves. Period.
    Yes, they are against the US insisting that tariffs be equal, fair and balanced because they are Globalists who have made a lot of money off the lopsided trade deals that have plagued the US for decades.
    The Trade Wars have been going since the early 1950s. The US is finally shooting back.

  2. Gorbag says:

    I’m glad to see the Koch’s demonstrate principles are more important than labels, one of the things I like about the Libertarian party. It’s less about “big tent” and more about what are our fundamental rights, government powers, and how can we stop this slide of the political into just another way to get everyone else to do what I want good and hard…

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