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Planned Parenthood defends itself by saying the organs harvested from aborted fetuses go to research that saves lives. If that’s the case it’s a generational wealth and health transfer. Most of the saved lives belong to older people. The survival rate of the fetuses is zero.

Kirsten Powers, in a column titled “Crush Planned Parenthood”, quotes a friend:

My friend and former Obama White House staffer Michael Wear tweeted, “It should bother us as a society that we have use for aborted human organs, but not the baby that provides them.”

Ken Blackwell says that when it comes to abortion, black lives don’t matter.

3 Responses to Don’t Crush

  1. βιβλία says:

    Here’s an idea for a spoof website of Planned Parenthood:


    Care About Parts. No Matter What.

    Who We Are

    We are a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world to obtain human body parts in good condition. Planned Parts delivers vital tissues worldwide and has annual revenues in excess of $200m USD.

    Planned Parts Federation of America is also a founding member of the International Planned Parts Federation, based in London.

    © 2015 Planned Parts Federation of America Inc.


  2. Ellen Kolb says:

    Sure would be great to have that on a sign at next Tuesday’s rally to defund Planned Parenthood. Only respect for your copyright is keeping me from enlarging the image and sticking it on a nice big piece of posterboard.

  3. Gail Finke says:

    EXCELLENT.What a sad world…

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