Never Again


It’s “never again’ time again.

The beginning of January marked the murder of 4 Jews at a Kosher market as part of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonist massacre. Last week marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Also last week, Dr. Krauthammer and Professor Victor Davis Hanson wrote about the current status of Jews in the world. “Never again” isn’t a sure thing. Anti-semitism has been the norm in Europe “for millennia” reports Krauthammer. The murder of 6 million Jews by the losing side set the cause back for a while. But now it’s on the rise again.

Jews aren’t concentrated in Europe anymore. Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasralla likes funneling them into Israel. Krauthammer says, “It took the Nazis seven years to kill 6 million Jews. It would take a nuclear Iran one day.”

President Obama was a no-show at the Charlie Hebdo world leaders’ march for solidarity. He’ll be a no-show in March for Bibi’s speech to Congress too.

In the meantime, The Washington Free Beacon reports that Iran has targeted Benjamin Netanyahu’s children for assassination.

One Response to Never Again

  1. Bill Keegan says:

    What complete Zionist hogwash the above is. There is no dam Proof at all that Iran would use a Nuke Weapon like this on Israel. Whereas the scumbag Zionist Israelis have a Foreign Policy act in place called the Sampson Option and additionally they don’t subscribe to the NPT.
    You stinking Zionist editors and cartoonists are in the classification of Anti-Americans of we Anti Zionists and anti Christians. Scumbag Israel is continually violating Intl Law and killing at will. They will be stopped and it will be decisive, Eff Charles Krauthammer as a stinking Zionist also. Comparing this Iran Nuke Technology to Jew extermination just to play the
    sympathy scheme. Eff him as Iran has every dam right to develop Nuke Technology….You can go to Hell where Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman will be destined…..

    You had better have studied US Foreign Policy and the current stranglehold that the scumbag Israeli Lobby has on our Govt for the last 20 years or so if you intend to argue with me….

    And I am a Vet – USN – Vietnam era…1968-1972
    So speaki9ng about that time period – why don’t you do a Cartoon on the US Liberty Attack incident – by the scumbag Israelis…You are probably to young to know about this – hence your Zionist Cartoon…..Get smart and don’t be stupid. Remember Ron White said – ‘You can’t fix Stupid’.

    Bill K

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