Where Have You Gone, Derek Jeter?

140927-jeterGot the idea for this one from a Daniel Henninger column of the same name. It’s not a coincidence. I stole it.  But I did embellished it with a picture.

Henninger links Jeter to Joe DiMaggio, another Yankee class act of a different era. DiMaggio was an even better player, plus he married Marilyn Monroe. Henninger’s interest is in great players who shut up and play by the rules.

Jeter won the game with an RBI base hit in his last at-bat in Yankee Stadium. He won’t play shortstop again. But he will come to the plate as a DH at Fenway Park where Ted Williams hit a home run with the last swing of his career.

He got chop single today in a 10-4 loss.

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