It’s a Joke, Get it?

The president reminded us he was making a little Jeopardy joke the other day as he introduced Joe the Plumber Spy, Richard Cordray, as top consumer bureaucrat.

Another joke is the way Obama likes to remind us he’s one of the elite and we’re not – unless, of course, we really are keeping hundreds of thousands of dollars we don’t need. He recently did this by targeting bestselling authors, ahem, like himself, for higher taxes. (Here’s a rude bestseller who doesn’t want to join the club). Other times he likes to try a little upwardly mobile bonding with moneybags like Mark Zuckerberg .

Gregg Easterbrook says if Obama wants to pay more taxes, he should just do it.

One Response to It’s a Joke, Get it?

  1. Peter says:

    Love the rude best seller! Man, get a load of those ears and lips!

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