Free Beer in Cleveland

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LeBron departed Northeast Ohio and now he’s one of Hollywood’s hottest producers. He’s still a good basketball player too.

Meanwhile back in Cleveland rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield came off the bench to lead the Browns to victory over the Jets. Their first in 635 days.The chains came off the coolers and free beer flowed. The town went insane.

Preppy Due Process


due process, preppy

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Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney wants Judge Brett Kavanaugh to testify first about her allegation that he sexually assaulted her in high school. Then her client will talk. No confronting his accuser there.

Professor Dershowitz was livid. He called the demand “anti-due process, anti-American.”

And Heather Wilhelm detects a whiff of anger towards white males educated in prep schools:

Oh. Well, never mind. It’s a good thing we’re dealing with an abstract mental mock-up of a “privileged” preppy white man who represents all of our pent-up resentments and issues, rather than with a serious, potentially career-destroying accusation against a real human being with a family and a job and a soul!

FBI Files

FBI Files fbi documents carter page

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The president ordered the release of FBI files related to the 2017 application for a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page.

So, here’s how three different news outlets played the story:

NPR – Trump Orders Declassification Of FBI Documents Sought By House Republicans

New York PostTrump says order to release FBI files may be ‘crowning achievement’

CNN – Trump inflames war on Justice Dept. by declassifying Russia docs


Hurricane Mike Seidel

hurricane mike seidel

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The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Mike Seidel provided some comic relief during the Florence disaster.

Inverted Trump Curve

Inverted Trump Curve

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When short term interest rates exceed long term rates, economists call it an inverted yield curve. And that can mean the economy is headed south. I looked it up – here.

Inverted Trump Curve

But when the economy is good the president usually  gets credit for it and his poll numbers head north. However, with President Trump being Trump, it’s not so simple. He has his own inverted curve. The economy is soaring but his poll numbers are sinking.