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Ted Cruz’s Convention Speech

ted cruz's convention speech

Dr. Krauthammer diagnosed Ted Cruz’s convention speech as a suicide note. Larry Kudlow says Cruz gave a “career ending speech”.

But David Harsanyi says, “In a party filled with cowards, Cruz stood apart.”

If 2016 ends up being a disaster for his party—and it’s a good bet it will—Cruz will be the only major Republican to emerge from the Trump fiasco with his principles largely intact. Maybe, as his critics claim, he’s just laying the groundwork for 2020. Maybe it will backfire. Maybe only someone as stubborn and egotistical as Cruz could do it. So what?

Cleveland Republican Convention Sketchbook

These are sketches I did just wandering around the at the Republican convention in Cleveland. The drawings are scenes I actually observed except for two. I recreated the flag burner from internet images. And Kasich – I made him up.

Convention Sketchbook

Hope you enjoy my Convention Sketchbook.

convention sketchbook

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convention sketchbook

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convention sketchbook

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The Speech of His Life


Following the Ted Cruz non endorsement, Trump must give the speech of his life. So they say.

Lock Her Up



Chris Christie used his time on the RNC podium to prosecute Hillary Clinton. After reciting various moments in her public life he asked, “guilty or not guilty.” Then the frenzied crowd responded, “lock her up.” Here’s a funny replay of the speech from The Onion.

Lock Her Up

Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post called it “the chant of a banana republic.” But Molly Hemingway in The Federalist explains why “calls to lock her up are entirely reasonable.”

Republican Convention Protesters

Republican Convention protestors

The Republican National Convention opened with a floor fight when The Never Trump crowd tried to overthrow the presumptive nominee. They claimed to have gathered enough signatures to change the rules requiring delegates bound to Trump to vote for him. But the signatures never saw the light of day. The protesters lost on a voice vote. Chaos ensued.

Republican Protesters

Trump went on to win the nomination last night with 1,725 delegates. He only needed 1,237.

Still, the mission of convention Republicans seems to be to be to sell The Donald – to other Republicans.

I’ve been spending some time at the RNC in Cleveland. My mission is to produce a daily sketchbook for the Akron Beacon Journal and the Tampa Bay Times. I’ll post some of the sketches on Bokbluster along with my regular cartoons.