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Tale of Two Pulitzers


 ABC News president Ben Sherwood had the bad form to complain about being denied a Pulitzer Prize. Television isn’t even eligible for the prizes. They’re awarded to newspapers and digital outlets. Is a TV network’s digital site eligible? Beats me.

Anyway, Sherwood sent a 4 page letter to the Center For Public integrity demanding that ABC reporter Brian Ross be cut in for a share of CPI‘s prize. The reporting was about a doctor/lawyer conspiracy to deprive black lung victims of medical benefits.

Last I heard from Brian Ross he was busy mis-identifying James Holmes, the Denver theater psycho killer, as a Tea Party member.

Two Pulitzers

Meanwhile, Ed Snowden and Vlad Putin were overlooked by the Pulitzer Committee for an award shared by The Washington Post and The Guardian. The two papers were honored for stories detailing NSA spying. The snubbed Snowden, hero or traitor, depending on your point of view, did the basic reporting by stealing information from the NSA. Putin, a renowned New York Times columnist and famous Russian hockey player, is Snowden’s patron.

Cliven Bundy’s Cows

140418-cliven bundy-cows

 Cliven Bundy’s cows were on federal land. His argument that his family had occupied that land before the feds took it over sounds like the same argument Geronimo could have made.

Still, when the BLM showed up armed to the teeth, along with a million dollar posse of hired cowboys it was hard not to root for for Cliven. The free speech zone BLM set up was a little off-putting too. Last I heard it’s all still a free speech zone.

As the federal government nurses its $4 trillion a year habit, it’s agencies, from IRS to the Department of Education, are increasingly packing heat.  Here’s a 2008 YouTube clip of the president calling for a civilian national security force as strong as our military.

That speech was in the context of expanding AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps (or corpse if you prefer). Hot Air puzzled over the meaning of his cryptic comments.

White House War on Women


The White House thought it was a good idea to focus attention on the war on women’s pay. Until it turned out the White House wages the same war. Women who work there earn 88 cents for every dollar men earn. The White House blames the pay gap on work experience, education, and hours worked – the same reason given by the private sector.

Irresponsible Behavior



When it comes to irresponsible behavior in the 21st century Obama and Putin don’t see eye to eye.

President Obama says no country can dominate another country. Dr. Krauthammer says Obama seems to think countries no longer have interests beyond those of the “international community”.

The Debate Is So Over


The debate is over for ObamaCare, Climate Change, and Gay Marriage. Especially gay marriage.

Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, didn’t know that. In 2008 he made a $1000 contribution in support of California’s Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage. The majority of California voters didn’t know the debate was over either. They passed the proposition. To better help everyone understand that the debate is over, Brendan Eich was forced out of his job.

The Debate is Over, Dammit

The wizard standing on top of the guillotine has a hockey stick on  his wizard hat. That’s in honor of Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” theory of global warming. Dr. Mann is a professor at Penn State University. The shaft of his “hockey stick” graph represents 1000 years of steady global temperatures and the blade shows a sharp increase in the 20th century. Some skeptics claimed Professor Mann’s model results in a hockey stick shape no matter what data you enter. This enraged the Professor. He went all goon and has been taking two handed slashes at his doubters ever since.

Some skeptical journalist drew an analogy to Mann’s methods and those of another noted Penn State figure, Jerry Sandusky. In order to help the journalists understand the debate is over Dr. Mann sued them.