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House Republicans


A group of House Republicans conspired in the demise of Speaker John Boehner. They thought he was ineffective. Unfortunately their replacement Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, was even more ineffective. He committed a gaffe that fit the Democrat’s narrative that the Benghazi hearings were all about destroying Hillary.

House Republicans

So they had to whack him too.

Putin’s Quagmire


Vladimir Putin is in Syria killing people and breaking things. He told the US to get out of the way. Putin’s the new cop in the Middle East. He says Russia is part of an alliance to stop ISIS, like the alliance to stop Hitler. But he seems more interested in stopping the revolt against his guy, Bashar Assad.


Barack Obama is flexible. He showed no sign of humiliation. He even welcomed Putin but warned him about be getting into a quagmire. Then he got out of the way.

Drug Prices


Hillary is making the drug business a campaign issue. A recent NYT story detailed how Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to a 62 year old drug called Daraprim. Turing jacked up the price from $13.50 a pill to $700 a pill.

My question was how can that happen? Why wouldn’t another company sell a generic version at a lower price? According to the WSJ the FDA sets high barriers to entry to the market. Turing already owns rights to market the drug but another firm would have to pay up to $20 million just to get approval to make a generic version.

Gun Control


President Obama is big on collectives. He thinks that, since didn’t pass his gun control legislation, we are “collectively responsible” for those shot and killed at a community college in Oregon. He’s getting pretty darned tired of having to point this out every time there’s a mass shooting. Jacob Sullum at Reason is getting pretty darned tired of explaining why this makes no sense.

Last weekend in Obama’s adopted hometown Chicago 14 people were shot, 6 were killed. Chicago has the gun control laws the president says we need.

Doctored Intelligence


Two weeks ago the NYT reported that intelligence analysts claim their superiors at Centcom doctored their reports to make ISIS appear more jv than varsity.

Daily Beast says more than “50 spies claim intelligence was cooked”.

Former CIA analyst, Fred Fleitz in National Review, wants to know where the rest of the intelligence community is. He thinks this is only a tip of the iceberg.