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FBI Flipped the Bird At Congress

flipped the bird at congress

William McGurn says in the in the WSJ that FBI Director Christopher Wray flipped the bird at Congress. Wray refused to provide information about applications for  FISA warrants used to spy on Americans.

Flipped the Bird at Congress

He says it’s classified information. And besides, he’s preparing a report for the Inspector General.

Congress can wait.


Wedding Cake Civil Rights

wedding caked

The Supreme Court heard a case this week about a baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake.

The Baker, Jack Phillips, says he doesn’t have anything against gay people and would be happy to sell the couple a ready made cake. But by making a special cake he would be participating in the ceremony and that would  violate his religious believes.

The Court seems divided.

Brian Ross News

Brian Ross reported on ABC that Trump ordered Flynn to contact Russians before  the election.

Apparently Wall Street investors believe what the see on on TV  and the Dow plunged 350 points.

But ABC says Ross got it wrong and suspended him for four weeks.

Then within a week CNN one upped Ross.

David Harsanyi says political reporters “regret the error.” “Again and again.”

Update 12/10/17: The cartoonist carelessly wrote NBC instead of ABC on Ross’s mic. He has been suspended.

Undocumented Felon Sanctuary

undocumented felon sanctuary

It was tough to prove that the gunshot ricochet that killed Kate Steinle was intentional. But the prosecutor went for a murder one charge and came away with nothing.

So Ines Garcia Zarate is unlikely to spend any time in a state prison according to the San Jose Mercury News. But he’s not out of the woods entirely. He now faces federal charges.

Undocumented Felon Sanctuary

Zarate was deported five times before Kate’s killing and was wanted for a sixth deportation on drug-related felonies, according to CNN.

Sean Hannity says San Francisco’s Sanctuary policies killed Kate Steinle.


Comey’s Bible Verse Tweet

bible verse

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea inspired James Comey to tweet this bible verse about righteous water.

Righteous Water Swamp

Comey inspired the Mueller investigation when he leaked his own memo about his meeting with Trump.