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Rick Perry is not a Ham Sandwich


If you can indict a ham sandwich I guess you can indict Rick Perry.

The indictment by a special prosecutor criminalizes the intent of a political act. The act in question is the Texas governor’s use of his veto power as a threat against a political opponent.

That’s what governors do. They veto stuff. And it’s usually stuff their political enemies want. In this case that would be Rosemary Lehmberg’s job. She runs the Public Integrity Unit and Perry wants her to step down since she was convicted of drunk driving. As a prod he vetoed her $7.5 million budget.

The indictment is being mocked by some people who are unlikely to vote for Perry if he runs for president. Alan Dershowitz , Johnathan Chait, and the New York Times editorial page, all make that list.

Perry on Rye

One holdout, Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker, says prosecutors have broad discretion and Perry may just be out of luck. Mustard or mayo?

Military Policing

140815-military-policing The American people don’t want the US military policing Ferguson, Missouri any more than they want it policing Mosul, Iraq. Besides it’s kind of illegal. But that doesn’t keep the Pentagon from shipping free military hardware to police forces all over the country. Your local cops are armed to the teeth with everything from assault vehicles to grenade launchers. The Washington Post says half a billion in free gear was handed out to cops last year. That doesn’t sit well with Rand Paul. Or Mark Steyn. Not to mention, cops in camo look ridiculous on main street.

Shouldn’t a ‘Ferguson’ camo pattern be, like, 7/11 & Kool-Aid logos?

Military Policing

The single bullet Barney Fife policing method may not be the way to go, but more dashboard cameras and fewer MRAPs might not be a bad idea. A convenience store camera showed that Michael Brown wasn’t the “gentle giant” he was made out to be, as he strong-armed his way to a box of Swisher Sweets. But as Steyn notes, we’ll never see the way he was killed because the cop who shot him lacked a dashcam.



Here’s Kevin Williamson in NRO on the purpose of policing. And Mark Steyn from last November on our “drift toward despotism“.

In other news, local cops aren’t the only ones we’ve armed to the teeth.


Mad Mad World of Comic Genius


Jonathan Winters was a mentor to Robin Williams. Both were tormented comic geniuses. Russell Brand calls it a “divine madness” in this essay in The Guardian.

I was surprised to learn Jonathan Winters spent 8 months in a psychiatric hospital just before his brilliant performance in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. He wasn’t doing research. He managed to outlast his demons and died of natural causes at age 87.

Update: Here are some thoughts from Ben Stein on comics, depression, and suicide.


Stupid Shit Obama Doctrine


When President Obama is not saying “the Bear is loose”, as he pretends to break the bonds of his keepers, he likes to say he “doesn’t do stupid shit”. Not doing stupid shit seems to be the Obama Doctrine. (I changed “shit” to “stuff” in the cartoon to get it in the newspaper. Harry Truman wouldn’t have given a shit:

Reportedly, at a speech to a Washington garden club, he kept referring to the fact that flowers need manure. Now, in those days, even the word “manure” was a little extreme for such ladies, and afterwards one complained to Mrs. Truman. “Can’t you get the President to say ‘fertilizer?’” “Heavens, no,” Mrs. Truman replied “It took me twenty-five years to get him to say ‘manure’.”)

Anyway, with 2016 approaching, Hillary decided to put some daylight between herself and Barack I. In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in Atlantic, the former secretary of state said, “Great nations need organizing principles. “Don’t do stupid shit” isn’t an organizing principle.”

Obama’s response? “That’s horse shit!”

Dana Milbank accuses our fecund fecal minded ruler of going on vacation “while the world burns”. “If  not in the category of “stupid “stuff” it could fall under the heading of tone deafness.”

Even Obama agrees.

Toxic Toledo

140808toledoWestern Lake Erie suffers toxic algae blooms this time of year. Last Saturday the stuff got into Toledo’s drinking water.

Holy Toledo

Here’s a Daily Beast essay by Toledo Tough, P.J. O’Rourke, embracing toxic water.