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Bush Funeral All About Humility


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The funeral for President George H. W. Bush was beautiful, and informative. W’s eulogy was touching.

I drew Bush 41 a lot, and felt like I understood him pretty well as a goofy but decent guy. And I was aware of of his other virtues like integrity, kindness, courage, high speed golfing and fishing, airplane jumping and lip reading. But hearing the speakers, all of whom were close to him and loved him, one virtue seemed to stand out – humility. Maybe that’s because it’s a rare commodity these days, especially in Washington. Anyway, former Senator Alan Simpson nailed it in his warm and witty eulogy:

Those who crave the high road of humility in Washington , DC are not bothered by heavy traffic.

Then the camera panned to  President Trump and the past presidents the front row and, well, this cartoon idea kind of jumped out.

It’s not often you get a pack of presidents together in one shot. So I try to make the most of it. Here’s a cartoon I drew when they gathered for Nixon’s funeral.


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Maybe I’ll do the Bush bunch pondering, “If Perot hadn’t run…”

I know. I left Jimmy Carter out of the humility cartoon. It’s not the first time.


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Choke it Down for Bob

choke it down

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The Newark Star Ledger’s endorsement of New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez for the U.S. Senate was less than rousing.

The editorial was titled: Choke it Down and Vote for Menendez.

Here’s how the paper described its man:

Before he was caught in 2015, Sen. Robert Menendez broke Senate rules by routinely accepting expensive gifts, including private jets to luxury resorts abroad. He kept those gifts secret, breaking another rule. He then used his office to promote the personal and business interests of the man who paid the bills. All that was the unanimous conclusion of the Senate ethics committee, including all its Democrats.

The “man who paid the bills” was Dr. Salomon Melgen. Commentary notes, “he was convicted of 67 crimes including $73 million worth of attempted Medicare fraud.”

Pow Wow Chow Hound

Pow Wow Chow Hound

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Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test to prove her Native American bona fides. But it turns out her Indian blood count is between 1/64 and 1/1,024. Chances are good that’s less than you or me.

Kevin Williamson at National Review thinks the Senator’s Cherokee schtick is like a white person performing in black face.

Isn’t cultural appropriation supposed to be a bad thing among progressives? Isn’t blackface (and brownface) supposed to be an unforgivable sin?

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass figures, “She’s just an old liberal white woman who wanted to be president and became a clown instead.”

Pow Wow Chow Hound

Clown or not, she contributed to a cook book titled Pow Wow ChowAnd her canned tomato crab with mayonnaise recipe didn’t go down well with The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. He pronounce her “unfit to lead.”

Internet Censors

Internet censors

Facebook, Apple, and YouTube kicked conspiracy theorist Alex Jones off the internet for “hate speech” on Monday.

According to Vox Jones’ Infowars website gets 10 million viewers a month and his YouTube channel has two and a half million subscribers.

Internet Censors

As private companies they can censor anything they want. But Ben Shapiro says they’re “dead wrong” to do it.

So what is hate speech anywayI? In April Mark Zuckerberg told Congress he’d leave it up to AI to answer that question.

Forty Questions

forty questions

Somebody leaked a list of forty questions Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump. Trump’s new lawyer thinks it might be a trick.