Anatomically Correct Memories


anatomically correct

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Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers have memory gaps. But that’s not surprising considering their allegations are thirty-something years old. So Deborah Ramirez consulted with a lawyer for six days to clear her head. And only then was she comfortable retrieving the memory of Brett Kavanaugh’s long dong silver in her face.

Which brought to mind the child daycare hysteria cases, also from the 1980’s. (Not to say Deborah Ramirez is hysterical.) But therapists in those cases used anatomically correct dolls to coerce very young children to recover “repressed” memories of satanic ritual sex abuse.

Btw, this isn’t my first anatomically correct rodeo.

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  1. Allan says:

    I doubt very much that “their allegations are thirty-something years old”. On the contrary, it appears that the accusations are brand new, as in other cases of alleged repressed memories.

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